What is the dosage for proviron

I am very knee to buy this product but before that i have few doubt,
1,I weight up to 85kgs so how many pills i need to take per day if i want to reduce in 3 to 4 months?
2. And is obviously i cant take this pills for life long so if i stop this pills once i lose weight id there any side effects cos i heard after stopping the consumption of few supplements there will be drastic change in weight gain so can u suggest me on this how to stop the pills once weight reduces?
3. So is there is any side effects like hair loss skin probe an all?
4. i may plan for pregnancy after few months so it does’t effect my pregnancy r my months periods?

The main side effect of this medication is sleep and rest, which plays a very important role in the healing process. Usually, within an hour or so after taking a dose, the oil is telling you to lay down and relax. Don’t try to fight the oils sleepy effects, just lay down and get comfortable, then allow the oil to give you the rest and relaxation you require to heal properly. The effects of the oil may cause your mind to wander a bit and often patients will be somewhat unsteady on their feet when they begin to use this medication. But as the patient builds up their tolerance, these effects will diminish quickly. Usually within 3 to 4 weeks, the daytime tiredness associated with this treatment after the patient takes their dosage just fades away, but the patient continues to sleep very well at night.

Administration advice :
-Oral solution and syrup formulations may contain alcohol, which could have deleterious effects in younger patients.
-Effervescent tablets should be placed in a glass of water and allowed to dissolve completely before administration.

Storage requirements :
-The manufacturer product information should be consulted.

Reconstitution/preparation techniques :
-The manufacturer product information should be consulted.

IV compatibility :
-The manufacturer product information should be consulted.

General :
-Drug concentrations of approximately 36 to 94 ng/mL are needed to inhibit 50% of stimulated gastric acid secretion.
-Studies have demonstrated that duodenal ulcer treatment doses of 100 mg orally 2 times a day were equivalent in efficacy to 150 mg orally 2 times a day.
-This drug is not labeled to treat patients with complications associated with reflux esophagitis (., esophageal stricture, Barrett's esophagus).
-Patients receiving long-term treatment should be reassessed periodically.

Monitoring :
-ALT levels, especially in patients receiving high IV doses for at least 5 days
-Renal function, especially in elderly patients and/or those with renal dysfunction

Patient advice :
-Patients should be instructed to contact their healthcare provider if symptoms do not improve or worsen during treatment.
-Advise patients to speak to their healthcare provider if they become pregnant, intend to become pregnant, or are breastfeeding.

What is the dosage for proviron

what is the dosage for proviron


what is the dosage for provironwhat is the dosage for provironwhat is the dosage for provironwhat is the dosage for provironwhat is the dosage for proviron