What dbol looks like

I ran a few cycles of dbol a few years back now and was one of the fortunate few that responded very positively to it. Best cycle started on 30mg and tapered up to 50mg per day and ran that for 6 weeks. Included Trenavol (pH) stacked on top of it, ATD as an AI and some milk thistle for liver support. Finished it off with clomid for 4 weeks. Diet was actually roughly at maintenance give or take and training was a pretty standard 4 day bodybuilding split with cardio thrown in on off days in the form of football. Ended up gaining about 10lbs very dry and can genuinely say was best condition I've ever been in - all of the cuts and some nice shoulder striations going on. As I said before I responded incredibly well to the cocktail so no backne, no gyno, minimal mood swings, no suppression - sex drive went through the roof.

What dbol looks like

what dbol looks like


what dbol looks likewhat dbol looks likewhat dbol looks likewhat dbol looks likewhat dbol looks like