Wentylator primo 100 ah

For one, a carrier made of aluminium provides high stability. For another, the attached sleeve made of fibreglass-reinforced plastic permits completely free mouldability of the blades. Where metal can be machined only by bending, stamping and punching, fan blades with the HyBlade® structure can be optimised down to the finest detail, for example using winglets on the wing tips, like those that provide greater lift for aeroplanes. For the HyBlade® axial fans, they enable even higher aerodynamic efficiency – with minimum weight and revolutionary noise reduction. In conjunction with our highly efficient, leading edge drives with GreenTech EC technology, HyBlade® axial fans become real energy-saving wonders.

The PSM 100 A is a multi-sander ideal for tackling tricky corners and angles. Thanks to its two-piece sanding plate in the successful iron-shaped design and light weight of just 1 kilogram, DIYers can achieve excellent results, even in hard-to-reach places. Its success is also down to the powerful 100 watt motor. The sanding paper is secured with a non-slip micro hook-and-loop fastening system, which is both strong but quick and easy to replace. Any dust created is collected by the integrated dust extraction element and stored in the microfilter box or can also be collected by an external dust extraction device.

El Jefe Primo Salsa presents Amsterdam's best little beer festival. A day of CRAFT BEER, TASTY FOOD, MUSIC and LIVE WRESTLING!! Do you LOVE PAIN? Don't miss El Jefe's Hot Pepper Eating CONTEST, where you will need serious BEER to keep that mouth cool. Score some bad-ass hot sauces for home at this year's new CHILI 'N' HOT SAUCE MARKET. Come check out all this goodness at our new location next to central station at het STENEN HOOFD. 25 BEER BREWERS and TASTY FOOD TRUCKS will be putting the party in your mouth, all weekend long.

Wentylator primo 100 ah

wentylator primo 100 ah