Test unison unico primo

Superbe amplifier (2013 model).

The hybrid construction with the 12AX7 tube in the preamp stage couple with a MOSFET class A amp is the perfect combination. Nicely built from the outside to the inside. The speakers and RCA terminals are super solid.

The only thing that I would say is that remote could be more precise. I meen the boutons are very picky. The remote itself is a peace of art...

I changed the factory Tung Sol tube to a NOS Raytheon (12AX7A since 1963) witch makes a huge difference. The fact that there is only one Tube makes changes very cheap. I can dream one day to try a NOS Telefunken without saling my house.

Couple with good cables makes the amp just perfect!
Highly recommanded!

System used:
Macbook music server
Benchmark DAC1 HDR
Unico Primo integrated amp
All Nordost cables (BlueHeaven USB, Heimdall interconnect, Vishnu and Blue Heaven AC, Blue Heaven speaker cables)
Proac D28 speakers

Test unison unico primo

test unison unico primo


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