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Well, to each his own. I’d say the more important thing is to practice with what you carry and if you carry more than one gun then you should pick out 2 that function alike. My personal philosophy is that a safety should NOT be so intuitive as to require no thought or practice to master. I once read a series (half dozen or so) of anecdotal stories of cops who had their firearms wrestled away by bad guys and survived because the perps couldn’t get the safeties flipped off. There are a million scenarios and in some of them a safety will save your life and in others a safety will get you killed. Most of them it won’t make any difference. I live in a low crime area and the threat of an accidental (negligent) discharge are much higher than the chances of a defensive gun use. The biggest advantage to the Beretta system (IMO) is that you can chamber or unchamber the firearm on safe. I had a Taurus PT709 with a frame mounted down to fire safety which locked the slide (ala 1911) and it made no sense to me to have a safety and have to disengage it to chamber a round. Nice gun otherwise, but I also didn’t like the Glock style take down where you have to dry fire it before you take it down. I have nothing against 1911s and I kind of secretly want one, but if I bought one and carried it, I think I’d be overly self conscious about making sure I hadn’t disengaged the safety – for a while anyway.

The next season, 1944, the NFL was back on solid footing. The Army had declared that it had enough soldiers and men over 26 years of age would not be drafted, though the league had another problem. With the Cleveland Rams back in operation, the expansion Boston Yanks team in the fold and the Eagles and Steelers back in their separate ways, the NFL had 11 teams, which created a nightmare with divisions and scheduling. NFL Commissioner Elmer Layden begged for two teams to combine again in 1944. Ten teams made for a perfect league and eleven seemed impossible. The Steelers were still short of players due to the war. Pittsburgh owner Art Rooney was unhappy with the "Phil-Pitt" arrangement, but wanted to keep it intact. However, Philadelphia refused, so the team merged with the Chicago Cardinals for the 1944 season, [ citation needed ] creating a team known as Card-Pitt . This "Card-Pitt" team was derisively called "carpet" due to going winless, and the commentary that "every team walked all over them". [ this quote needs a citation ] The war ended by the time the 1945 NFL season started, and with the Brooklyn Tigers and the aforementioned Boston franchise permanently merging, there was an even number of ten teams to the delight of owners.

Key Saves and Defensive Stops:
PAR – Bruno Valdez, 16 th minute: The . showed its ability to build out of the back as Wil Trapp cut through the central midfield before a sharp pass down the left helped give Villafaña space to work in. The fullback worked towards the box before juking Valdez and turning in a cross to the back post that was nodded away. DeAndre Yedlin arrived head the ball forward for Nagbe, who played a clever combination with Marky Delgado to gain space on the right. Nagbe then centered looking for Kenny Saief whose one-time effort was turned away a yard off the line by Valdez.

Tball zimmerman mn

t ball zimmerman mn


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