Safe bodybuilding steroids

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I started using a body sculpting book when I returned from a tour in Iraq. I am 65 and work in the medical field. I was a fitness trainer in the military for 33 years. I only use dumb bells. They make me use auxiliary muscle groups giving much better results than using free weights or machines. I lift three days a week and cardio 3 days as well. I have about 75 grams of protein for breakfast. 5 or 6 pieces of fresh fruit for my lunch and a modest dinner. Water is essential. I try to sleep 8 hours per night. My best to you all.

Steroids are usually taken in a 2 or 3-month cycle, so as to lessen the burden they present to the body and elicit optimal muscle gains. After the cycle has been finished, the user needs to start a post cycle therapy which has the purpose of restoring the user’s body hormonal balance. In simple terms, after the user has discontinued steroid usage, his blood testosterone levels start to rapidly drop in the following weeks. If the post cycle therapy is not employed, it could take months for the testosterone levels to rise to their previous range (and in severe cases it never returns o normal), which can cause loss of all the muscle the user has gained during the cycle, as well as severe depression, lack of libido and all kinds of psychological effects.

Safe bodybuilding steroids

safe bodybuilding steroids


safe bodybuilding steroidssafe bodybuilding steroidssafe bodybuilding steroidssafe bodybuilding steroidssafe bodybuilding steroids