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Numerous sources have claimed that Deer Antler Spray , purportedly extracted from cervid sources, contains IGF-1. [39] [40] [41] [42] Credence to this claim comes from the fact that deer's antlers grow extremely rapidly and that the associated cellular factors can similarly aid in skeletal healing in humans. IGF-1 is currently banned by various sporting bodies. However, sprays and pills claiming to be 'deer antler velvet extracts' are freely available on the market. [43] As IGF-1 is a protein, it is poorly absorbed orally since it is rapidly broken down in the gastrointestinal tract ; and large molecular weight and high hydrophilicity prevents it from being absorbed by intestinal tissue. [44] [45] In September 2013, the headquarters of SWATS, a well-known distributor of deer antler spray and other controversial products, was raided and ordered to shut down by Alabama 's attorney general citing "numerous serious and willful violations of Alabama’s deceptive trade practices act". [46] [47] Deer antler spray has been linked to prion disease. [48]

This strain found in Yakult, infamous for being isolated from a scientist’s own fecal matter, is particularly good at treating chronic constipation 39 . Patients reported seeing improvements as soon as two weeks after consuming the drink daily. This may be an effect of its ability to manipulate the intestinal microflora 40 , and it even tackles constipation caused by Parkinson’s disese 41 . Like the other strains, it appears to help prevent common infections 42, 43 , and also positively alters immune reactions in those with allergy 44 and liver disease 45 . Unlike the other strains, some studies have addressed its ability to play a role in cancer. These projects have shown that L. casei Shirota can reduce carcinogenic metabolites in the colon 46 and reduce recurrences of bladder cancer after surgical treatment 47 .

IGF-1Ec:This is the first phase release igf splice variant and it appears to stimulate satellite cells into activation, This is the closest variant to synthetic mechanical overload is introduced to a muscle (as by weight training), the IGF-1 gene released and is differentially spliced during the bodies response. Initially, it it is spliced to produce predominantly IGF-1Ec (called the MGF splice variant of IGF-1). This early splicing stimulates satellite cells into activation. Which in turn allows the activation of extra undamaged nuclei to grow new muscle fiber and tissue. The appearance of MGF also initiates the upregulation of new protein synthesis.

Oral primo liver

oral primo liver


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