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(DC Super-Stars#18) - Two demonic gargoyles dwelled on a mountain near Rutland and kidnapped its children (including Teresa Robertson) to sacrifice to the demon Qabal and feed their soon-to-hatch eggs. Possessing a tramp, Deadman came to Rutland at Rama Kushna's behest and witnessed the annual Halloween parade. Deadman, rendered mystically material, battled hatching gargoyles, as did townsfolk seeking the missing children. He swapped Qabal's intended sacrifice for an already dead townsman, thus foiling Qabal's attempted return, and caused a gas explosion which destroyed the cave and trapped or killed the gargoyles. Later that night, Dr. Terry "the Ghostbreaker" Thirteen and his wife Marie Thirteen arrived in Rutland and met the Phantom Stranger there; the two mortals met Tom Fagan at a post-parade party at the Yankee Hotel (also present were Gerry Conway and Carla [Conway], Marty [Pasko], Paul [Levitz], and Romeo [Tanghal]; Steve [Englehart] was noted as having left earlier and Len [Wein], Denny [O'Neill] and Roy [Thomas] were noted as having never showed.) Meanwhile, at Fagan's house, the Phantom Stranger was attacked by Tala, who had been manipulating the gargoyles and Qabal; Dr. Thirteen, Tom, and one of the locals who'd fought the gargoyles investigated the lightning striking the house only to meet a mysterious Quentin Abel who invited them to dinner. Dr. Thirteen quickly realized that Abel was Qabal and broke the mirror he was manifesting through, revealing that Fagan's house had been destroyed. The Phantom Stranger and Deadman then teamed to defeat Tala.

Masteron moon face

masteron moon face


masteron moon facemasteron moon face