Masteron for powerlifting

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I don’t believe that the body can grow strong due to tendon/CNS adaptations as you keep asserting. That may work for a few weeks when you begin a new exercise & improve motor skills and structurally adapt, but it will not last long. You will never get strong in the long run if your muscles are not also growing. But I think many people have vastly overestimated the impact on your appearance that gaining muscle actually has. Gaining 5 lbs of fat will make you appear much sloppier, but gaining 5 lbs of lean muscle will not make that much visual difference while wearing clothes

Cant comment on the winni yet.
It was my 1st run with tren so i havent got anything to compare it to, but it seemed strong. Within about 6days i was feeling stronger and sweating my tits off at night. About 2 weeks in it started to kick my arse a bit, sweating night and day, tren somnia, and mental aggrestion in the gym. Those are some of the bad sides, now for the good, can pretty much eat what i want and still not put fat on and the sex. It made me want sex loads, its fair to say tren turned me in to a sex pest ans the wife loved it (dirty bitch)
Only used 1 vile so still got another to go : )
So next time ill throw the winni in aswell

Masteron for powerlifting

masteron for powerlifting


masteron for powerliftingmasteron for powerliftingmasteron for powerliftingmasteron for powerliftingmasteron for powerlifting