Masteron enanthate bloat

Drostanolone is best stacked with something in the nature of boldenone (Equipoise) at 300 mg a week. The boldenone gives increased vascularity and the drostanolone adds muscle density while the stack as a whole preserves muscle mass. Although its rare that someone opts for a stack of two compounds with largely similar action, something can be said about stacking drostanolone with Stanazolol (Winstrol/stromba). The drostanolone doesn't stay active at the AR very much, often being drawn to SHBG, albumin, aromatase or 3bHSD, but still adds distinct hardness and boosts strength to some degree. Adding Winstrol, which has higher activity at the Androgen Receptor and some affinity for the progesterone receptor may form quite a synergistic stack. It would also be safe to throw in some nandrolone (Deca-Durabolin) at 200-300 mg per week.

Hey bro! Adding deca at half the test dose would be absolutely pointless! 80mg of deca will do next to nothing and you probably would not even notice it being there. Deca (in useful dosages) is a harsh steroid, it can really make you bloofy if you aren’t in perfect control of diet (including things like sodium), and I Feel there are MUCH better options! With Deca you also need test as high or higher than deca or you can kiss your sex drive goodbye! many people also experience “deca dick” and are unable to get hard on deca unless the test dose is way higher than the deca dose, and your looking at 400mg a week minimum for effective deca dose! I have used deca twice and I never will again, there are much better steroids with much less side effects! Here are my recommendations based on your situation!

Masteron enanthate bloat

masteron enanthate bloat


masteron enanthate bloatmasteron enanthate bloatmasteron enanthate bloatmasteron enanthate bloat