Mast and test prop cycle


  • Mast Wiring Terminal Box: is located on the upper portion of the bulkhead just inside
    the head to port. The mast wiring harness exits the mast just beneath the deck, and is wired
    directly to the . system.
  • Battery Switch: The battery switch turns access to the battery ON or OFF to the main
    panel and the engine. The standard J/105 comes configured with one battery so select
    "BOTH" on the switch. The optional second battery enables full use of the switch and allows
    one battery to be reserved exclusively for the engine and the ability to double up the
    cranking amps for cold starting in the "BOTH" position. The engine alternator will only
    charge the battery selected by the switch, so it is wise to have the switch set to "BOTH"
    should you have the additional battery.
  • Alternator: is attached to the engine and will create a charging current only when
    the engine is running. The output is connected directly to the battery switch to distribute the
    current to the batteries.
  • Accessories: such as navigation instruments, stereos, radars, lorans can be added to the
    electrical panel and the 12 volt DC system. Extreme care and forethought should be taken
    in their installation as these are, in general, sensitive instruments and require some
    measure of protection. Such work should be performed by a marine electrician. Be sure all
    sensitive accessories are not only grounded properly, but that "fast blow" fuses are run off
    the panel for extra insurance against damage fo their components.
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    Mast and test prop cycle

    mast and test prop cycle


    mast and test prop cyclemast and test prop cyclemast and test prop cyclemast and test prop cyclemast and test prop cycle