Lean bulk cycle calories

great article Brad. I just have one question as I am a beginner in this lifestyle. We eat carbs to get energy as a pre workout necessity and if we didn't eat enough carbs the body will tap into the store fat. But is not this the point? We want our body to use our stored fat? So does this mean to skip or have little carbs to allow the body to access our own fat to lose weight? I don't know if I am thinking right, need some clarification. Thanks! Just one more thing, what are the best carbs as a preworkout? Banana, whole grain bread? Can you name few? Blessings

Hi Team Powell . I just got the extreme makeover book and I am so excited to start this transformation. I have been counting macros for a while and didn’t see any significant results. I’m jot sure what macros I should be consuming and never tried carb cycling so I am excited to see what this will do to my body. I recently got a bod pod test done and was saddened by the result 😳 (38%bf)
I workout 40 mins of cardio and hours of strength workouts everyday and haven’t gotten any type of fat loss, apparently.
upon reading the book, I’m on page 28. It says that women will consume 1500 cal per day on this plan, I am 6 feet tall and my RMR is 1700 cal, so was wondering if the 1500 cals is too low for me?( I had a metabolic testing done last week along with the bod pod.)
So my question is can I eat the recommended calories for the men recommendations in the book which is 2000 cal a day and still see results?

Lean bulk cycle calories

lean bulk cycle calories


lean bulk cycle calorieslean bulk cycle calorieslean bulk cycle calorieslean bulk cycle calorieslean bulk cycle calories