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They were only able to do it because Beau gave Rooster power of attorney. At the end of Episode 8, the eldest Bennett has a heart attack and spends the finale out of town getting an angioplasty. His absence allows the brothers to buy the ranch without his permission, but the only reason they go through with it is because they were about to land a huge payday. (A natural gas company wanted to run a pipeline through their land, but more on that later.) In the waning seconds of the season, the money falls through and the boys are left with a ranch they can’t afford and a father who’s going to be extra pissed off when he gets home.

Back in Mar. it was reported that three Scientologists came forward to accuse Danny ,who also practices Scientology, of raping them when he was on That ’70s Show with both Ashton and Mila. The women claimed that the Church of Scientology told them not to contact police at the time or go public with the terrible accusations. Just 24 hours before news of his firing from Netflix made headlines, it was reported that the women asked the company’s executive why they didn’t take any action toward Danny up to the point, and he allegedly said it was because he didn’t believe them.

Jordan masterson

jordan masterson


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