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Why do you need JUICE? Adding an amplifier to an antenna increases available signal strength. The extra JUICE will help overcome challenges including coaxial cables over 100ft, splitters, or weak signals in the area. This VHF / UHF preamplifier system offers ample gain and best-in-class overload protection for dependable reception in urban, suburban, or rural areas. The JUICE has an integrated low pass filter that rejects interference from cellular and wireless data services and offers maximum signal to noise for clean, efficient signals. As a leader in cutting-edge antenna technology, Antennas Direct is dedicated to providing superior products supported by a 90 day warranty and a world class call center located in St. Louis, MO. Includes JUICE VHF / UHF preamplifier, power supply, power inserter, 2/ea. x 36in coaxial cables, 2/ea. zip ties, and instructions.

My almost 17yr old daughter has had terrible problems with headaches and sickness (labelled “migraines”) since puberty kicked in. We have eventually worked out that she is very sensitive to histamines and has a very low and limited diet as a result. She suffered hugely around the time of her period until we sought help from a naturopath who has prescribed P-Lift, Phyto Pro (to help detox) and Hemagencis Iron with 5-MTHF (all by Metagenics). These work wonders but the moment she strays off her diet or forgets her pills it all crashes in on her. She suffers from anxieties which also cause the same symptoms because of the histamines released following an attack. I have always suspected her gut health as she was put on antibiotics at birth (resulting in thrush etc) and was fascinated to read your mention of it. I wonder if please you can advise how we can get this tested and what we could do to rectify it if necessary.
many thanks

Half mast e juice

half mast e juice


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