Dynabolt use

Installing Red Head concrete anchors is generally the same, regardless of the type of anchor you are using. The most common type of Red Head concrete anchors are wedge, sleeve, drop-in and stud anchors. Wedge and sleeve anchors use a nut to draw the anchor stud through the sleeve to expand the sleeve into the concrete. Drop-in anchors use a special tool to set the anchor and provide an internal thread. Stud anchors provide an exposed studded thread for anchoring. Installing Red Head concrete anchors correctly provides a secure hold for just about any type of object to the concrete floor or wall.

There are several ways to attach stainless wires to masonry posts - concrete blocks , solid core bricks , concrete slab walls etc. One of these is to use Eye Nuts as the anchor point for your wires.

  1. Using a suitable Masonry Drill bit, make a 8mm hole in your wall to suit a 8mm Dynabolt (or similar) I suggest you use one that is a minimum of 40mm length, but 65mm or 75mm can be a better length for more grip in some circumstances.
  2. After drilling the 8mm hole to a suitable depth, hammer the dynabolt into the hole. Ensure it is a tight fit.
  3. Tighten the Dynabolt nut with a spanner until the anchor is tight. Do not overtighten your Dynabolt as this does not add much more strength, it just increases the amount of thread protruding from the nut.
  4. After you have tightened it firmly, undo the nut and screw a 6mm Eye Nut (EN-06) to the thread.
    NOTE : If thread is protruding too far into the Eye Nut, then you will need to hacksaw it off ( leave about 8-10mm protruding out of the wall.
  5. You can also put a large OD washer (with a small ID hole) on the Dynabolt thread prior to placing the Eye Nut on, to cover up any chips or marks in the walls if you wish, but this is not essential.
  6. You are now ready to attach your wires to the Eye Nuts. One way to finish the job is to use a fork terminal at one end and a rigging screw at the other.
Good Luck and remember not to hesitate to call us if you have any questions by dropping us an email or phoning Steve (02 4272 1077 during business hours) for personal advice.

Dynabolt use

dynabolt use


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