Double lnb


Anything possible in Ghana is possible in Nigeria because we love each other that can be taken from us never.
am an installer in Ghana and because i have learn a lot from you, so i decided to do something for myself. I track amos at 17e, multi tv at and dst*at 36e using one 60cm dish but with three lnb’s.
also track (emmanuel tv) and multi tv using the same dish with two lnb. Lemmy, you are really a mentor. U inspired me. It is getting interesting in the satellite world. Give it a try. God bless you. Thanks

The TNA consists of 26 teams, which are divided into four Divisions: North Center North, South and Center South, with 7 teams going to the North and Center South Divisions and 6 teams going to the Center North and South Divisions. The competition format is similar to that of Liga A, with a regular season divided in two stages. On the first stage, teams from the same division compete in a double round-robin format, with standings determined by a points system. Teams from the Center North and South Divisions will play two extra interzone matches.

Double lnb

double lnb


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