Dianabol insomnia

I’ve been giving myself 200 every other week for about 9 weeks now and really have no noticeable change in much of anything. Energy levels are about the same, my sex drive (my primary reason for going to the doctor) is pretty much the same though I had one week where I felt noticeably different but then went right back to my normal uninterested state the week after that was like 5 weeks ago. I’m hoping when I go back to the doctor in a couple weeks he can up the dosage though from what I’ve read here that seems rather unlikely.

The last researches shown that 1, 5 millions of american young people are using average age of begging using steroids is 15 years. These alarming results should worry all of us, since  the results steroids consumption has on these teenagers are dramatic. The responsibility for these uninformed teenagers lays both on parents and society.  Parents who pay less attention to these kids and overpass some physical visible changes, and society which set up model of well looking. These kids are easy to manipulate, and easily fall into the trap of well looking myth.

The authorities need to get this information out in the general public about the ill-effects of procuring controlled drugs from the black market. Those found guilty should not be let go scot-free and strict sanctions should be imposed on them. The authorities should scrutinize every play being made by the black market and react accordingly. Research and development organizations working on the development of Anavar, should be encouraged and provided with all the resources possible so that they can make advances in their bid to make this drug beneficial to all.

Dianabol insomnia

dianabol insomnia


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