Diana lol role

Peggy,Peggy,Where are you when I need you…lol..You are the best at finding,posting,copying articles related etc…I however am not..poo..
Okay,help needed… Breaking Israeli News posted an article that states a tornado that dropped down in Hattiesburg, Miss…was in the neighborhood called “East Jerusalem ” coinciding with the timing of the UN was mentioned was that this was the 3rd time that Hattiesburg (East Jerusalem)has been hit with tornados, coinciding with anti-Israeli decisions…Sorry, not detailed…I’m not good at that:(

jungle>top>mid IMO

Jungle: aoe clear, auto AS bonus from passive, auto aoe from passive, q is great for hitting minions over walls for faster clear, can q->r to counter jungle enemy wraiths and buffs quickly, being high damage makes her a half decent duelist to ward off counter jungling, her e is great for ganks if you master it. **requires early blue or falls fast early game due to high mana costs**

Top: q can brush check for enemies, high sustain with w, e helps jungler ganks (better than mid, not only are tops normally melee but there is also more room for the slow to work), post 6 lane terror as you can q poke every few secs and then r twice quickly to finish off.

Mid: slow start as most mids have enough range to zone you early, no real escapes from ganks, post 6 lane terror (again but more potent than top as ap are usually more squishy), shield is not as useful since the orbs are often out of range of enemy champ early game. Frankly my least preferred role with her.

I only took into account her natural abilities, of course proper itemization is required for which ever role you want to play. ap assassin, pure burst ap, AsAp hybrid, off-tanky initiator are the late game roles I play, although I JUST hit 30 so obviously I am not an expert. Oh and like all champs you need teamwork, nothing good will come of you and your team if you are all off doing your own thing throughout the entire game.

Just before Christmas, I stumbled across the Visit Scotland leaflet about the Scottish locations for the TV series (we live in Scotland) and that led to a box set, since the TV series must, obviously, be a “big thing” to get VS that worked up. We were intrigued. My partner and I have just finished watching all of series1 and have thoroughly enjoyed it. She has read the first book and has just bought the second – enough said. We liked the little nod to the book’s origins in having Frazer Hines, the original “Jamie”, have a part in the last episode. The premise is, of course, fascinating, the general story and plot-lines are good and strong, and the acting and locations spot on. Great stuff. You must be very happy to have persevered with writing that first novel.

Diana lol role

diana lol role


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