Devol kitchen hardware

I ended up using Shiloh shaker cabinets - full inset on top, European frameless for the bottoms (wanted as much interior space as possible and a clean,sleek look). No, mine to not have the exposed hinges on the inset. I was disappointed at first, but a year later, I realize that this is a good thing - no dog hair caught in external hinges and a cleaner, simpler look. Mine are factory painted in SW Repose Gray. I have white Corian countertops and a butcher block Ikea island cart (small kitchen!). With hardwood floors, it definitely has that classic, simple English kitchen look and I love it. It's timeless and it works with the antiques in the other rooms in my house. I've been very pleased with the quality of the cabinets - very sturdy and smooth working.

Great post! I am excited that traditional decor is making a big comeback. I like to consider my style to be traditional with a trendy twist (and lots of flourishes!). I see so many rooms online that look like catalog shoots where everything is new. I have always liked to mix old, new, handmade, inexpensive, and pricier items for the collected look. I love to collect and hunt for items. I even recently found a bust similar to yours that I am just gaga for. She just got a prominent spot in the living room after taking down the holiday decor. Happy New Year to you and your family, Erin! :-)

Devol kitchen hardware

devol kitchen hardware


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