Deca think steroids

In the world of bodybuilding where DNP is most commonly found a dosing of 600mg per day is not uncommon and such a dose can be taken safely; however, while we cannot recommend you ever use DNP to begin with, if you do we would prefer a lower dose of approximately 400mg per day . Remember, it does not take a lot to see any fat burning, no, it doesn’t take much at all and if you get greedy and try to speed the fat loss up you won’t; all you’ll do is severely damage your body. Most will also find 2-3 weeks of use to be the maximal time frame of use; that may not sound like much but when you think about what that short time frame can do it’s mind-blowing. As DNP can burn a full pound of body-fat per day one could easily drop 20lbs of pure fat in that time frame, not 20lbs of bodyweight but 20lbs of pure fat and that is absolutely amazing. For the first time user 300-400mg per day for a 2 week course is the only reasonable course of action and if another 2 week course is needed it is recommended at least 4-5 weeks of no DNP be put in place in-between the two 2 week runs.

the synergy (Atleast in animal studies) is both deca and tren's interaction with igf molecules. nandrolone in rat studies increased igfb3 in all tissue and decreased igfbp4.  nand also increases igf-1 but tren is shown to do this to a greater extent (in animals) so with nand decreasing igfbp-4 that means there's less igf-1 binding to this protein and more available to bind to the receptor. igfbp-3 being increased will enhance the half life of igf-1. couple this with the igf-1 increase from tren and you get the synergy....atleast on paper!

While workouts and proper steroid use is necessary for enhanced muscle growth, diet plays a pivotal role. To experience growth, you need the right nutrition. This means a diet full of carbohydrates and proteins. An average person consumes 3000 calories a day but with steroids in place, you need an average of 5000 calories to have the required energy to take you through the workouts. Proteins are also key in rebuilding and repairing worn out tissues. When it comes to anabolic steroid use, you want to eat more regularly involving more meals per day. This is critical is releasing more insulin which provides more amino acids that makes up most muscles.

Deca think steroids

deca think steroids


deca think steroidsdeca think steroidsdeca think steroidsdeca think steroidsdeca think steroids