Dbol kidney damage

In most cases, CT scan is not used to detect gallstones, but this imaging test does have its uses in the biliary system. First of all, the entire main duct can be seen using CT scan because unlike ultrasound, air in the GI tract does not interfere with CT. High-speed CT with computer-assisted reformatting capabilities allows the radiologist to move quickly through numerous images. The ability of CT to find stones in the common bile duct approximates ultrasound. In general, CT scan is a better test for more complicated problems, although it may be used together with ultrasound.

Although painful cysts are usually treated laproscopically without more invasive types of surgery, some patients opt to shrink smaller cysts and prevent future cysts with changes in diet. Recommended dietary changes include avoiding or limiting dairy products, trans fats and margarines, deep fried or fatty foods, meats with additives, antibiotics and hormones, and avoiding alcohol. Additionally, those suffering from liver cysts are advised to drink a lot of water. Because the liver processes toxins and helps digest alcohol, keeping the body hydrated and avoiding additional toxins such as caffeine or synthetic hormones can help.

Dbol kidney damage

dbol kidney damage


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