Dbol 50mg pills

I was currently on a Trt dosed Sust run at the time I started the Axa dbol. When I run Dbol I like to run it at 30mgs split through the day so that my body has a steady level. When dbol is dosed correctly and is quality all I need is the 30mgs. The first 4 or 5 days I didn't feel like I was responding to it the way I felt like I should but at weeks end I could really start to notice an increase in my appetite and my strength. During the second week I started to notice my blood pressure starting rise some and a bit of aggression coming on. I was surprised at this because ive only had these effects once before with a different sources product so I knew it was of good quality. I tend to get stomachs problems when using orals that are of quality so I tend to only run them for a total of 4wks. I was impressed with the pumps and strength increase to the point that I wanted to run them for a couple more weeks but I wasn't willing to deal with the stomachs problems I tend to get. I carried a little water weight and face bloat during this run and gained close to 8 pounds and I have sence be able to maintain a total of 5lbs which is very good for me due to being a hard gainer.

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Dbol 50mg pills

dbol 50mg pills


dbol 50mg pillsdbol 50mg pillsdbol 50mg pillsdbol 50mg pillsdbol 50mg pills