Cutting cycle with test 400

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6. Travel at the right speed
When moving at the right cutting speed, the molten metal spray will blow out the bottom of the plate at a 15 to 20 degree angle. If you are moving too slowly, you will create slow speed dross, which is an accumulation of molten metal on the bottom edge of the cut. When moving too fast, high-speed dross on the top surface is created since you are not allowing time for the arc to completely go through the metal. Traveling too fast or too slow will create a low-quality cut. Typically, low speed dross can be distinguished from high-speed dross by ease of removal. For example, low speed dross can be removed by hand whereas high-speed dross typically requires grinding.

Cutting cycle with test 400

cutting cycle with test 400


cutting cycle with test 400cutting cycle with test 400cutting cycle with test 400cutting cycle with test 400cutting cycle with test 400